About Us

We are a group of people with different culture background. 

Adriano is the founder of the Alkemik Design Permaculture Studio. 

His passion for Ecology led him to travel for many years after the studies in Rome, exploring and volunteering in ecofarms, partecipating in ecobuilding works, restoration of land fertility projects, sustainable animal farming, creation of new orchads and human settlements, support of peasant markets and co/organization of the italian political movement for the resistance of the peasant culture and the free trasformation of local agriproducts.

During this journey he chose a land in Sabina as his retreat and permaculture project, he felt immediatly in love with the amazing nature that there is wild and clean.

His extensive knowledge in Permaculture design and principles, ancient esoteric wisdom and political science (as former Deputy of Italian Parliament), give the opportunity to those that work with him and will be supported by him to benefit from his advices and indications.

He is an expert in Mediterranean and Temperate Clima farming.